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Reach a state of perfect happiness with a warm and soothing Bliss gift box.  Treat yourself or someone you care about to a bit of bliss.

 Bubble Elixir Original Scent

  • Crafted with natural plant extracts, soothing botanicals, and beneficial oatmeal, this elixir offers lofty bubbles and an honest clean scent by Barr-Co. 

Lip Balm Original Scent

  • Vanilla and oatmeal lip balm for soft, subtle shine and generous moisture - by Barr-Co.

 Mini Tea Drops Box

  • Organic, pressed leaf shaped teas that dissolve in hot water.  Easily take your Tea Drops for on the go with the size and convenience of this mini slider wood box that fits in any bag, purse, or console. There are two Tea Drops per box, Citrus Ginger and Sweet Peppermint - by Tea Drops.