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Looking for some calm in the center of your world? A soothing sanctuary of tranquility? Look no further! This gift box is for anyone looking for an oasis in the hustle and bustle of life and it is simply divine!

This gift box includes:

Sea Sponge
  • Ethically harvested in the USA, measures about 6 inches across and lasts for years - by K Hall Studio.
    Bath Soak, Marine
    • Clean scent reminiscent of fresh sea air, morning mist and beach grass - by Barr-Co.

    Bath Bomb, Original

    • Dreamy smooth, this blend of milk, oatmeal, vanilla and vetiver is a tranquil, comforting scent with stirring, yet sweet seductive notes that are controlled by their classic, romantic and powdery virtue - by Barr-Co.

    Hand and Body Cream, Original

    • A hand and body cream with the same classic comforting scent as the bath bomb - by Barr-Co.