Recycled Wrapping Paper Gift Cards

Recycled Wrapping Paper Gift Cards

Natalie Beaver

You’ve picked a gift that’s sure to wow her. Make sure she has something just as exciting when she opens the envelope attached to it with a handmade greeting card. Even if you’re not the arts and crafts type, greeting cards made from wrapping paper will be (almost) as impressive as your Pinwheel Gift Co. gift box.

Start with one of those leftover scraps of wrapping paper you end up with at the end of a roll. In addition to your favorite bit of leftover wrapping, you’ll need:

  • A blank gift card*
    * You can make one yourself from card stock, but to save time, we recommend grabbing inexpensive blanks from a stationary store.
  • Wraping paper scraps
  • Scissors
  • Card stock
  • Double-sided tape

Once you get your supplies, making a card that’ll make even veteran crafters happy is a snap!

  1. Cut a piece of card stock so it’s about 1 inch smaller in both directions than the card you plan to place it on.
  2. Trim the wrapping paper so it’s about a half inch larger than the card stock in both directions. (When you place the card stock on top of the wrapping paper, you’ll have a 1/2-inch border of wrapping paper around it.
  3. Center the card stock on the wrapping paper. Starting at the corner of the card stock, diagonally cut across the corners of the wrapping paper so that each corner of the card stock touches a flat, freshly cut edge of the wrapping paper.
  4. Fold the wrapping paper around the card stock. Use double-sided tape to secure it.
  5. Using the same double-sided tape from Step 4, stick the assembled paper-and-card stock to the front of your gift card.

 And just like that, you have a one-of-a-kind handmade card!