Gift What You Love

Natalie Beaver

Do you get stressed when thinking about giving the perfect gift? You are not alone! When it comes to gift giving, unless friends or family tell you what they want, it’s hard to find that perfect gift. I adhere to a simple concept passed on to me by my mother: gift what you love. Really. It’s that simple. If you love the gift then it’s very likely they will love the gift. You can pick this concept apart and find it certainly doesn’t always ring true. If you love gardening and know that your mother-in-law can’t stand it, well then, you are not going to buy her a trowel and flower seeds.

One of the most popular gifts of 2017? Gift cards. Do you know why? People asked for gift cards because of bad experiences receiving gifts. I’m not knocking gift cards. I have given them and I love getting them, too. However, I must admit, the gleeful feeling I get in anticipation of opening a gift-containing box beat the gift card experience hands down. It’s the not knowing what’s inside the box that sends me into a state of giddiness. Am I the only one who feels this way? I’m guessing no.

If you are reading this blog, you have obviously landed on Pinwheel Gift Company and the products we offer. Maybe you have someone in mind to gift and are looking specifically for a gift box. Or maybe you don’t know what to get and are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. Whatever got you here let me tell you about our custom gift boxes.  Some of our gift boxes are great for some people, but we also understand that we curated them, and maybe you would switch some of the products around for your perfect gift box. You can do that! Let us know what products you would like to see together and we will create your own custom box.

Happy Gifting!